This pipe is sticking out of the ground next to my house and as you can see, has a crack in it. I believe it is the cleanout, where you can access the sewer pipe to clear blockages. I’ve been having a problem lately with a sewer gas smell in my house, below the staircase (and I would have to open up the dry wall to be able to get under the staircase). It’s been a problem for awhile and the sewer smell seems to worsen in the colder months of the year. You can smell it ocassionally in the warmer weather but not nearly as much. So my question is, could the crack in this pipe be the reason why I’m smelling sewer gas in my house? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

No septic tank. I’m on city sewer and there is no basement in my house either.

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7 Responses to Could this be the cause of my sewer gas problem?

  1. Jordin James says:

    It could be. Do you have a septic tank? The septic will give off smell, it can collect close to the ground in colder weather. You may have a leak in your drain plumbing somewhere for the smell to be inside your home, as venting should be to the exterior, usually pipes coming up through the walls and out of the roof.

  2. Paul Blackwood says:

    there should be a cover on that pipe. i would take a measurement of the opening and examine the end to see if it has screw threads in it, then go to the hardware store and buy a cap for it. good luck.

  3. Ariana Farnworth says:

    I looks like someone has tried to correct the problem before and I would either call in aplumber or cut out the drywall. If there’s a smell there’s a leak and if there’s a leak it better to fix now thatn spend thousands repairing the foundation.

  4. Donte Reeve says:

    I had a similar problem. After a remodeling job there was a foul smell in the kitchen. All the plumbing worked fine till one day the upstairs toilet overflowed and the smell go a lot worse. The contractor came to inspect the problem. He opened the kitchen wall where the drain pipe came down from up stairs. The plumber had forgotten to seal a joint and the wall was filled with s***!!! What a mess. If the cleanout pipe outside is cracked, it might also be cracked in the wall. Get it fixed as needed, it can only get to be a bigger and more expensive problem if not fixed.

  5. Jabari Ramsbottom says:

    The picture that you posted is clean out. Typically they are 4 schedule 40 PVC. If you go to any place like Lowe’s or home depot and tell them you need a 4 PVC threaded plug they will know what you mean. Since there is only 1 pipe pictured I would assume that your home does not have a trap outside. The smell coming out of the pipe outside would be sewer gas from the main line out in the road. If that does not correct the problem you may want to check all you fixtures to make sure the traps all have water in them. If you have a sink that doesn’t get used much it’s possible that the trap could have dried out and that would allow sewer gas to come into the house. Also check floor drains if you have any. They too can dry out. You may also want to run alot of water after you install the plug outside so that it washes any dirt away that may have fallen in over time

    Good luck :)

  6. Tatum16 says:

    Get a 4 test plug

  7. Elliott Grainger says:

    That is a clean-out without a plug. Screw in a plug to stop all the sewer smell. That small crack should be OK.